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We offer Home maintenance, Handyman Services, glass doors repairs Installation at doorstep

With a team of skilled technicians on our team, we can fix all your handyman jobs instantly. That includes the following: fixing and repairing shelves, mirrors, hinges, doors, windows, latches as well as sealant work on cracks in tiles and paint scuffs. When you're in need of urgent assistance for any carpentry or minor housework chores, we're able to assist you in an hour or less.
Header Background - Mr PErfect Handyman service. Background - Mr Perfect Handyman service Top-Notch Handyman Services to Spruce Up Your Home A cluttered home is the sign of a cluttered mind, and there’s probably no place more cluttered than your kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Luckily, all that clutter can be maintained up with our top-notch handyman services . +971 50 316 2198 Contact Us

Mr Perfect Handyman Services and Home maintenance in Dubai

Are you looking for a professional company that can take responsibility of all kinds of home maintenance related services? Well, you have suddenly landed yourself on the right page. Yes, we are here to help you with all kinds of how maintenance solutions in Dubai! We will help you in all forms to make sure that all your needs are covered not only in the quickest possible time but also without any kind of sacrifice with the quality of service. This is the reason why we have become one of the go-to names in the business when it comes to providing different types of home cleaning and maintenance services. You can connect with any time and let us know whether you are in need of electrical solutions, carpentry services, painting, cleaning, and more. So, you must not hesitate and get yourself connected to our team and exclusively avail the best of solution for your home maintenance needs.
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Handyman tools in Dubai
Home maintenance Tools in Dubai
Why Choose Us - Mr. Perfect Handyman Services and Home Maintenance Dubai

Highly Experienced Handymen in Dubai

We are highly experienced in the business of Handyman home Maintenance Services. You can always connect with us as we help you have your property in good condition. 

Capable Experts

We have a highly dependable and honest team in every domain of service. So, you can trust us for all your requirements.

Affordable Services

We always maintain the standard pricing of all the services. Hiring us will never let you feel the pressure in your pockets.

Quality Approved

Get excellent quality service by connecting with our experts any time as per your needs. We will understand and deliver the goods accordingly.


We Provide World's Best Services

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We have the best in our team to help you with your needs for handyman services. You just need to connect with us and our team will be at your place for all your installation and renovation needs.
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Electrical Services
We have highly qualified electricians in our team to help you with all kinds of electrical works. So, you can always consider connecting with us for your short circuit, wiring solution, lamp installation, and various other needs.
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Plumbing Services
Ignoring plumbing related problems can lead to even bigger problems. This is the reason why you must get connected to our experts now and avail the best plumbing solutions at Quick pace.
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HVAC/AC Repair Services
If you have your AC in problematic condition then, do not worry and get connected to our technicians for quick and effective service. We will get all the issues fixed in no time.
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Carpentry Services
If you are looking for someone to help you with best and cheap carpentry solution then, we are there to help you with complete installation and innovation me. Yes, whether you are in need of furniture assembling or lock fixing solutions, just Get Connected and avail the best facilities.
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Moving Services
We have all the facilities which can help you have your relocation covered without any difficulty whatsoever. Our professionals will arrange all the moving related requirements just the way you need to cover it seamlessly.
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Painting Services
If you are looking forward to refurbishing your home then, it is important that you consider connecting with us for your painting needs. Yes, from exterior to interior painting services will help you with all and make sure that you get complete satisfaction.
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Masonry Services
We are highly acclaimed when it comes to providing masonry services. Yes, you can always connect with our team and avail the best of solutions for your home maintenance, office, and apartment, and that too at very nominal pricing.

About Mr Perfect Home Maintenance Company in Dubai

Glass doors repairing Installation can be difficult due to wear and tear, misuse, or an accident. At Mr Perfect Home maintenance services, we provide high-quality services to help get those stuck doors sliding again. We are experts in sliding glass door repair and installation, and our focus is on making your doors work well. We know what to do to make your door sliding Awesome.

Mr Perfect is one of the few companies that has proven its professionalism and leaps forward over the past few years in the industry. It is also taking steady steps towards the best to reach the highest level. It is worth mentioning that our services have received a wide response in the field of designing, manufacturing and installing glass, aluminum and many others.

What Handyman Glass doors Installation Repairing services Mr Perfect Offer?


Damaged tracks

Like the wheels, the rails are important for the sliding of a door. Wrinkled, cupped, or blocked rails can cause the door to become heavy or even jam. This issue can occur for any number of reasons and our team can fix this problem at your doorstep. A thorough cleaning with specific products or with new stainless steel covers can make your door slide “super smooth”.


Lock and Handle

Often one problem creates another. When a door is misaligned due to problems with the rollers because the door is too heavy, it can affect the operation of your lock and cause your handle to break. The lock or handle can also be damaged by time of use, lack of maintenance or any other reason. At Mr Perfect Doors Installation and Repairing services we can repair or replace it with a new lock or handle.

 Broken glass

We know that many unforeseen things happen and a broken sliding glass door can keep you up at night. In many cases, these glasses are custom made and can be handled improperly due to the imminent risk of an accident. At Mr Perfect Handyman services we have the knowledge and skills necessary for this type of work.


Regardless of the year or model, we have the exact wheel for your door! We work with high quality material to guarantee durability for much longer.

Our service technicians are certified in Windows and Doors Repairing & Installation to perform any maintenance, repair or installation as a subcontractor. 

This includes even work covered by warranty, including:

  1. Blade Replacement
    Repair and/or replacement of door hardware
  2. Installation of large doors / entrance doors
  3. Substitution of window operators
  4. Replacement of double sheet scales
  5. Installation of improved screens
  6. Replacement of weather stripping
  7. Direct Glass Replacement
  8. Grill replacement
  9. art glass installation
  10. Guillotine Elevator Installation
  11. Repair or installation of mosquito nets for doors
  12. All work with guarantee

A little work can go a long way in the energy savings you’ll see with a properly functioning window or door.

For a nominal fee, our service technicians can perform a full house survey that will allow them to assess the efficiency of your current windows and doors and identify problems that can be corrected through money-saving repairs.

Once the evaluation is complete, our technician will explain your options and prepare a simple proposal to solve any problem.

The proposal will clearly indicate all repair costs. The result? A home that is warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, with more money in your wallet.

We are a team of passionate, talented and hardworking individuals skilled in innovation and exceeding the expectations of excellence.

Mr Perfect was established in 2017 and developed the company’s scope of business to become a pioneer in its field and occupies a distinguished position in the glass and aluminum industry market, which provides all products equipped with the best capabilities that suit all the needs of the designer in all places such as the home, office.


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Top-Notch Handyman Services to Spruce Up Your Home

As the saying goes, A cluttered home is the sign of a cluttered mind, and there’s probably no place more cluttered than your kitchen and bathroom cabinets. With all of those dishes and cups in one place, it’s no wonder your cupboards look like the aftermath of an explosion at the plastic factory! Luckily, all that clutter can be cleaned up with our top-notch handyman services . We offer everything from shelf installation to hinge repair and more, allowing you to open your cabinet doors without fear of what might fall out.

Handyman service dubai

With a team of skilled technicians on our team, we can fix all your handyman jobs instantly. That includes the following: fixing and repairing shelves, mirrors, hinges, doors, windows, and latches and sealant work on cracks in tiles and paint scuffs. When you’re in need of urgent assistance for any carpentry or minor housework chores, we’re able to assist you in an hour or less.
As professionals, we pride ourselves on providing quality work and customer satisfaction. We handle all of your handyman needs for interior and exterior repairs, maintenance, cleaning, and more.
Plus we’re insured for up to $2 million. We even provide emergency services!
If you want convenient solutions for every single one of your home repair projects, give us a call today! You can count on us as a leading name in handyman services in Dubai (UAE).

No matter what type of job it is, we do it

We can do it all, no matter what it is that you need to be done around your home. We can fix or repair a shelf, hang a mirror or door, fix a window, and even take care of locks. Our handymen come with tools in hand and are ready to get your home looking its best in no time at all.
So if you’re looking for high-quality work by trustworthy professionals who go above and beyond every time—look no further than our team of handymen! We have decades of experience behind us and we’re ready to prove ourselves. Let us help make your home look as good as new again!

We will bring everything with us – no need to buy any tools

In some cases, handymen will ask if you have any tools at home that they might need. This is a red flag, because it means he doesn’t have everything he needs to do your job properly. If a handyman asks if you have certain tools that he could borrow from you, say no and remind him of what all is included in his service. One tool per project: The real advantage of hiring a professional handyman over doing your own repairs is that professionals can complete tasks much faster than we can on our own and with less mistakes along the way (which we often must fix ourselves). The key reason for faster results comes down to one thing—precision.

Don’t worry about cleanup – we take care of it

If you’re looking for an extra hand around your home, you don’t need to worry about cleanup. Many handymen will clean up after themselves when they’re done with a job – but not always. So if you want someone who doesn’t leave a mess behind, be sure to ask whether or not it’s included in their service before hiring them. You should also check whether or not they use disposable materials.
If they do, that means you won’t have any leftover junk hanging around waiting for a trip to the garbage can; we’re big fans of leaving a place as clean as we found it!

Same day service available

We’re available 24/7 for handyman services, so you don’t have to worry about missing work if you need a repair. We can also do rush jobs, so if you need something done fast for an event or special occasion, we can come as soon as needed. And our handymen are friendly and will never barge into your house unannounced; they’ll knock first, just like any good neighbor would!