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Repair of sliding doors – partition doors in Dubai.

Repair of sliding doors – Partition doors in Dubai.

Our site will help you quickly find a professional Professionals or a team of coupe system repairers to perform any repair work on sliding doors.

Competently repair sliding doors partition

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Sliding doors (partition doors) have recently been increasingly used in wardrobes and dressing rooms and apartments as interior doors.

Sliding doors not only have a modern attractive appearance, but also allow you to significantly save space, which is often not enough in dressing rooms, offices, studio apartments or Marina Dubai apartments.

But since the designs of sliding doors are equipped with a mechanism, when it becomes clogged, during improper operation, or simply wears out and fails over time.

Most often, the partition door mechanism becomes unusable due to incorrect manufacturing of sliding doors and their installation.

The Professional of our furniture factory repair sliding doors and replace mechanisms at a convenient time for customers. To be able to use the services of our masters, fill out an application for a call, write a letter or call us, and wait for the arrival of the necessary specialist.

Precisely necessary, since some Experts work on repair and replacement of components, and others work on replacing broken mirrors and glass in partition doors.

The main problems that arise with the designs of sliding doors.

As a rule, repair of “suspended” sliding interior doors (partition doors) is required in cases where the following breakdowns appear:

  • Doors are difficult to close or open
  • Fasteners of the upper rollers jumped out of the guides
  • The upper fastener or beam, to which the guide is attached, loosened and the doors sagged.
  • Fasteners come out of the ceiling and the doors warped and sagged. (if the rail was not mounted correctly to the ceiling, the assemblers used ordinary dowels instead of metal anchors)
  • Broken mirror or glass.

In cabinets with hanging doors:

  • Coupe doors stuck or difficult to open
  • Doors jumped off the guide
  • Broken rollers

In the event that the doors began to open poorly or they are jammed, it is necessary to clean the cabinet rails from accumulated dust or sharpen the base for attaching the rollers, which, when the rollers are worn off, begins to abut against the rail.

Experts who repair sliding doors cope with such work simply and quickly, because a quick inspection immediately reveals a malfunction. In the variant with interior sliding doors, the usual adjustment is necessary, or if the door rollers are out of standing, the system must be replaced.

If the partition door rollers jumped out of the guide, the specialist will check if there is a breakdown, if everything is fine, then carefully put them in place.

It is not worth pulling with the call of the professional, since the pop-up rollers deform the guide during further operation and break themselves.

As a result, you will also have to pay for the replacement of the guide with a new one. You should not try to remove the partition doors from the guide yourself, this leads to a breakdown of the entire system – the guide bends, and the rollers are deformed.

Glass Sliding Doors Repairing services in Dubai
Glass Sliding Doors Repairing services in Dubai

Replacing worn rollers for sliding doors.

From year to year, sliding door rollers wear out. With the normal manufacture of partition doors and their installation, high-quality systems work for 15-25 years without problems.

Analog sliding door systems last 7-15 years. Not correctly assembled and installed doors (even with high-quality rollers) or cheap fake systems last from 2 to 5 years. In this case, the repair of sliding doors consists in replacing the rollers, and sometimes in a slight alteration of the doors. The work is done like this:

In a simple version of the repair of doors with a bottom support and hinged partition doors:

  • First, the doors are removed from the rails
  • Old clips are deleted and the same new clips are inserted in their place
  • In conclusion, the doors are returned to their place and adjusted

The second option is when the system is outdated and such videos do not exist in nature:

  • The doors are removed from the cabinet rails and, with a slight alteration of the fasteners, new mechanisms are installed
  • In hanging interior doors, it is most often necessary to outweigh the height of the fasteners of the guide or the supporting beam to which the guide is attached.
  • Since modern hanging systems of interior sliding doors have an extended adjustment stroke, and the guide itself has a different height. In order not to spoil the doors by shortening them, which is also not always possible, the entire system is re-hung.

When the Expert replaces the rollers or the system, he will definitely show you that the doors have begun to open or close normally. If you have any questions, or there are any problems.

We advise you to immediately contact a specialist to fix them.  So as not to call the wizard again. Since all our Professional are specialists not only in the repair of sliding wardrobes. There are no problems with the repair of partition doors, which is confirmed by a long-term guarantee for all our services.

Fixing or replacing the upper rail of the hanging doors.

Often, the repair of sliding interior doors consists in replacing or fixing the upper rail, which is either not properly installed or loosens and sags over time, which makes it impossible to use the doors normally:

  • If the guide is bent, then it is removed
  • Metal anchors are driven into the mounting holes in the ceiling
  • A guide is attached to them and attached with the help of not self-tapping screws, as the hackers do, but with the help of bolts. The guide is fastened with self-tapping screws only to the beam when the system is attached to the wall.

It is worth remembering that the sliding door guides should be fixed clearly in the horizontal position of the plane. If there is even a slight unevenness in the plane, the rollers will quickly fail and after a short period of time will need to be replaced, which is fraught with additional material costs and the search for components or repairmen for partition doors.

Remember that sliding interior doors or partition doors in closets need to be repaired as soon as problems arise, otherwise they may need to be completely replaced, and you should not repair the doors yourself. It is worth knowing that purchased cheap partition doors in hardware stores have components and rollers corresponding to their cost.

Even with in-line production of standard partition door sizes, they cannot cost less than the purchase price of materials and components. If a partition door with a mirror in an aluminum profile, for example, in Leroy Merlin costs less than three thousand, and normal materials and components cost from 4 to 6 thousand for this door in the purchase, then you should think about what it is made of and how long it will serve you. The same options are with steel doors bought in Sharjah or Dubai,

Broken coupe doors? Call us at Mr. Perfect’s team, a specialist will come to you within an hour, or at a time convenient for you.