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Wall painting company Dubai

Wall painting services in Dubai

Are you in need of wall painting services? Are you looking for professional Wall painting services in Dubai which provide & cover your needs according to your given specification?

Well, you are certainly standing on the right page because we are here to help you with the best solutions regarding your wall painting service needed.

We are one of the best and most reliable wall painting services Mr. Perfect is in the business and will never disappoint you with our solutions. So, you can connect with us and explain your requirements in detail and then get your needs covered most convincingly.

Our team will understand every aspect related to your painting requirements and then get the job done just the way it should be. We work with the prime objective of helping you avail complete satisfaction. Our unit will never let you down and work according to your vision making sure that every aspect is covered with perfection.wall painting services

Wall painting Dubai & Sharjah

We understand how difficult it can be to win complete satisfaction from your end but, we go the distance and maintain the standard to make sure that you get complete value for money.

We have the best and most reliable painters on our team to help you have your requirements covered without any kind of difficulty whatsoever. You can connect with our wall painting 2 experts and let them know about your painting requirement precisely.

They will note it down and then initiate ahead with the services. So, you can be certain that you will be benefited from the best solutions and you will be getting results the way you imagine!

So, you must not make it lead and get yourself connected to our wall painting company Dubai team and get your needs covered most efficiently.

Our motor was always been to make sure that you get complete value for investment with our services. We will never let you down in terms of quality and delivery of service. Yes, we will work according to you are given timings and maintain it so that you never feel the disturbance. This is the reason why we have become one of the most reputed and highly acknowledged painting services providers in the business.

Quality Approved Painting Services

When it comes to painting, quality is the most important aspect which you need to match with. Our team will make sure that the Paints which are used for wall painting requirements are completely hygienic and according to your requirements.

We will work upon your requirements in the way you have specified so that the quality is maintained all the way. You can trust our experts with all your home maintenance needs and avail the standards like never before.

So, all you need to do is to give us a call and let our experts help you have your painting-related needs covered without any difficulty whatsoever. We will maintain every specification and make sure that your house is painted in such a way that it looks like you again.

So, what is making you think so long, get yourself fine in touch with our experts now and let them help you have your painting-related needs covered without any problem?

Our experts will make sure that every aspect related to your painting-related team is discovered without any problem and within your budget. So, connect and get the finest of painting services without having to worry about the pricing of the service.


Professional painting company offering white paint in both inside and outside services

Getting a quote and reserving a date for your painting project is just a few clicks away, plus the labour is priced by the hour, not a set cost. You can add an option for white or off-white paint for white paint interior jobs.

There is the option to choose a certain colour for the painting. This will incur additional costs. Any and all furniture will be covered in plastic sheeting, as will any and all cracks or holes in the walls that may need fixing.

In other words, standard painting is inclusive of a height of up to 2.5/3 metres but if required, scaffolding is additional. Separate fees apply for the study, maid’s quarters, and balcony in addition to exterior painting.

villa painting services

For the inside of your home

When you need to find an interior painting company in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or other parts of the UAE to work on the inside of your home or business, look for one that will never cut corners. Mr Perfect is your professional painting company with an approach to suit your budget and desired interior design.

It is our company’s job to provide 100% satisfaction for customers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and all other areas of the UAE. Our painters are mindful of only using the very best and newest products. This assures you a flawless outcome. For example, whether you are looking to freshen up the inside of your house, replace the exterior surface, or strip the deck, we strive to complete the work on time with a professional touch.

House Painting

Even though deciding on the right exterior painters for any project can be intimidating, you can rest assured with the competence and trustworthiness of our skilled team. We believe in good customer service and high standards, which makes us the most distinguished contractors you’ll find.

Regardless of what you require, we will put in the work to finish everything to your total satisfaction. Each type of material—masonry, brick, pebble, or another entirely different one—will be carefully evaluated by our professional painters, to ensure the best paint for outdoor projects is used. Thorough surface preparation and coverage will ensure optimal durability and results.


Providing Wallpaper Installation and Services

For wallpaper needs for your home, office, shop, or business, call the experts. We’ll help make your walls the best.

Installing wallpaper requires some knowledge as the process involves several steps that novices and newcomers to the job won’t be able to execute on their own.

Additionally, wallpaper is often difficult to apply and match-up properly, and getting it right is the key to making it a successful endeavour. Submit a job to Mr Perfect, the number one solution in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and throughout the UAE.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to paint a wall?

Wall painting services in Dubai start at AED 250 and go up to AED 350 depending on the condition of the wall.

Will my furniture be protected from being ruined while the service is being performed?

Yes, the painters will cover all your furniture and floors with protective coverings to shield them from paint.

How does the cost of my painting services vary?

The cost of painting services in Dubai can depend on a variety of factors like the size of the area to be painted, the number of painters required to complete the task, the type of paint work, and the materials and tools needed.

How much does it cost to have a room painted?

Costs of painting services in Dubai vary depending on the property type and size. You may pay as low as AED 560 for repainting a studio apartment that has been already painted with the same white or off-white colour. In UAE, painting services for a one-bedroom apartment start at AED 730 and can cost as much as AED 880. To paint the walls of a villa or house in the UAE costs as low as AED 1970.

Who would I send a check to in order to pay for the painting service?

While you are booking a job on the Mr Perfect website, you can use your credit or debit card or Apple Pay. You can also make a payment by selecting Close and then add the cost and make a payment after the job is complete. A customer can also pay cash to the painting company after the service.

Why are differently-colored paintings charged at a different rate?

When painting, the painting services team should use at least 2 coats of paint, plus a coat of primer, in order to achieve the desired colour hue. Colored painting services are separately priced because of their additional difficulty and the use of more paint cans/gallons.

I’m going to paint my one-bedroom apartment, but how much paint will I need?

One gallon of wall paint can cover 350 – 400 square feet of wall space. A two-gallon can can cover 670 – 800 square feet. That would be enough to cover a standard one-bedroom apartment. The typical amount needed is two gallons of paint, which is necessary when you need to do a second coat.

I notice on your website that you don’t mention wallpaper removal service. Is that something you provide?

The painters can both remove your wallpaper and install a new one if desired. You will be provided with a separate quote for the service.

Where can I find the exact paint colour that matches my walls?

Inquire at your apartment complex about the precise paint code needed to make your unit look just like it did before. You could also consult with the painters to find the exact shade or code needed.

Is it necessary for the Painting Supervisor to do an inspection?

Paint inspection informs painters about the materials required for their painting jobs and how many painters will be needed to complete the work. If wallpaper needs to be removed or mould treatment is required before painting, the supervisor will be prepared with a removal or treatment plan to give the painters.

I need to find out which paint brands are best for painting in Dubai.

The painters most often use Jotun paints. Jotun is one of the best companies for wall painting in Dubai.

Would Jotun be a good company for painting services?

Jotun paints are among the most sought-after paints for interior and exterior projects, as well as painting projects in UAE. Renowned for its luxurious, silk-like finish and low levels of VOCs (volatile organic compounds), it is a great paint for your painting needs.

Painting companies–is it reliable?

Yes, we have a team of onboarding specialists who take the time to do a thorough job of screening, so that the people working on your painting project will be qualified, licensed painters. We also have a team of relationship managers who can lend a hand.

Approximately how long does it take to paint an apartment?

To paint an unfurnished one-bedroom apartment usually takes 2 painters 4-6 hours, but the length of time to paint it can vary according to several factors, including the dimensions of the room (length and height of the walls), the necessary preparations (patching holes, taping, priming, etc.), the type of paint, whether you need to change the colour of the wall or the ceiling, the texture of the walls, etc.


I’m painting my home, so do I need to do anything beforehand?

Yes, you’ll need to make sure you have obtained the proper permits from your landlord or community management. In order to be able to do your painting project, you will need to be able to access a water source during the painting process and in order to do a thorough job post-painting.